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"Hay brothers" is a family business, active for generations now, which specialize in the manufacturing of Torah cases.
The company which was founded by the brothers David and Jacob Hengel in 1966, started its way as a small carpentry, manufacturing only several traditional models, mainly from Formica and Velvet. Nowadays the company has developed into a factory which is capable of producing over 100 different models, from pure silver to hand made carved wood ( in the button you can find a full list of the models we posses ).
Not only that but, the company also offers the exclusive option of manufacturing cases in accordance with customers requests, and of combining requested elements in existing models.
Private individuals as well as companies and communities can be sure that any need, technical or design like, will find the appropriate solution, giving them the ability to make their case truly unique and memorable.  
Our philosophy, self and independent manufacturing - saying all parts of the case and their assembling are made entirely by us, is what made the company a leading one in the field of torah cases manufacturing and lead to its products being worldwide spread.
In a modern era of importing, "Hay Brothers" invest time and money in the development of new models and of work methods, by that improving both design and quality.
Further more, we have a patent for "Rolling system" protected under patent laws and written under the company's name, enabling a quick rolling of the bible while protecting it.
At 4 Amal st. - Petah tikva, in the "Hay Brothers" building the factory as well as our showroom are located. There you can view our models personally and consult us for any problem or request you may have. 

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